About Me

I have been painting since I took an introductory art class in high school. When I took that class so many years ago, I remember looking enviously at the teacher’s hands thinking that if I just had his hands, I could be his equal as an artist.

I’ve since realized how silly that thinking is. I’ve come to know that it wasn’t his hands that held the magic, but rather his eyes – art is about vision. Artists see the world differently and each artist sees something unique, making connections and noticing details that other people don’t see. When successful, each piece of art communicates that vision to other people, touching something that they also noticed on some level. There is so much more to this world (including us), than we perceive. It is my hope that my art will bring the overlooked, the unnoticed, into view.

While I am particularly drawn to the luminosity of watercolor, I also enjoy pencil, charcoal, and pastels.