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Centennial Trail Series

In Spokane, WA, we are blessed to have the Centennial Trail: 37 miles of multi use urban trail. I run (or walk in the winter) primarily on one part: miles 8 – 13. These paintings are a chronicle of those runs. Each one marks a particular section of the trail at a specific time of year.

Centennial Trail: Trees, Leaves and Other "Mean" Flowers

The Centennial Trail is full of plant life. Trees and leaves get plenty of good press but weeds are universally unloved. They have their own beauty though, remarkable in engineering for survival despite a hostile world. The "mean flower" reference here is a lowly dandelion: a maligned, despised weed. The word "mean" is not used the way we commonly use it but rather the older English meaning which is low in worth. Through my running on the trail, I have come to have a special appreciation for the lovely weeds I see. Everyone loves and encourages the roses of the world. Here's my tribute to the other mean flowers. Read here for full blog entry.

Centennial Trail: Land and River

Dueling Dragon Series

This series of paintings reflects my whimsical portrayal of the secret war that is going on in gardens throughout the world between dragonflies and their nemesis — snapdragons.



Warped Nature Series

As we view the world, we make connections. Sometimes my mind likes to connect unlikely things. Paintings in this series are a little warped; nature has been slightly twisted, magnified, or distorted to answer the question “What if?”